LIfeSpring MCRS Technology


The LifeSpring’s Mutual Counter Rotation System (MCRS) is a new juicing technology where the auger and strainer rotates in reverse directions at a low speed. This creates much more torque, producing a higher yield of juice and maximising nutrient extraction in juice. It also makes juicing harder ingredients such as root vegetables a breeze.


LIfeSpring Automatic Reverse Function


The LifeSpring gives you continuous juice extraction without having to stop due to clogging or the auger getting stuck. The newly designed auger cuts ingredients while juicing, which means there’s no need to cut long vegetables such as celery and carrots into smaller chunks. With less preparation time, juicing with the LifeSpring is more efficient and enjoyable.


LifeSpring Pre Clean Function


Juicing now is even easier with the LifeSpring’s automatic reverse rotation function. If you happen to have overfed your juicer or something gets stuck, the LifeSpring goes into reverse automatically to unclog the drum. Once cleared, it will resume normal mode and continue juicing. There’s no need for you to stop and intervene when this happens.


LifeSpring Pre Clean Function


Cleaning the LifeSpring is quick and easy. Simply pour water into the juicer and press the start button to quickly flush the juicer between juices or before cleaning. With only a few parts to clean and no sharp edges, even a young child can wash the LifeSpring.





It’s the finer details that set the LifeSpring apart. Beautiful design and clever features make the LifeSpring extremely simple to use and perfect for beginner and serious juicers alike.


The LifeSpring’s strong AC motor is more powerful, robust, and quiet. The AC motor is much less prone to overheating, which means it’s much more durable and longlasting even with years of daily juicing. The motor is also much quieter than even other slow juicers, so you can juice early in the morning or late at night without waking the whole house.

LifeSpring Slow Juicer Child FriendlySAFE AND CHILD-FRIENDLY
There are no blades and no sharp parts on the LifeSpring, making it safe for use even with children. As a safety mechanism, the LifeSpring also stops operating if the lid is not seated or tightened properly. With a slightly smaller feeding chute, you can also be sure that little limbs and fingers won’t find themselves in unwanted situations.

LifeSpring Design

A slightly slanted feeding chute on the juicer allows for the smooth entry of ingredients into the juicer drum. It’s also a self-feeding juicer, so you’ll find you don’t need the pusher for most ingredients that you’re juicing. And with a safety cap on the inside of the juice spout, repositioned silicone fins and easy-to-understand symbols, the LifeSpring is extremely simple to use.





LifeSpring Juicer Recipes



The LifeSpring comes with a colourful recipe booklet for making muffins, ice cream, and even cocktails. And with your very own consultant and access to an exclusive online juicing community, you’re getting a lifetime of support when you buy a LifeSpring.  Do more with the LifeSpring than just juice. See the possibilities.